About OPAL

Mission Statement

We envision a a Dartmouth where all students can thrive, value difference, and contribute to the creation of a socially just world.

Core Values

OPAL achieves its mission by centering the values, needs, strengths, and practices of marginalized communities and by approaching leadership, community development, and personal growth through the lens of social justice.


We believe that our lived experiences deserve to be heard and understood. Though we all have different identities, values, and experiences we must take steps to hear, understand and navigate interactions with respect and the intention to do no harm.


We believe that safe spaces with the goal to support and affirm us to be our most authentic selves are important and provide reassurance as we navigate our day to day lives.  Safe spaces should be a source for healing, building trust, developing understanding, and practicing bravery. 


It is in our charter to build community, and community is built through connection and collaboration. We remain adaptable to cultivate belonging across campus and within our advising areas.


We support individuals and communities in finding their power. We encourage individuals to grow in the realms of professional and personal development.


We believe that we are the change we want to see. We are responsible for being in the rooms that will foster dialogue, partnerships, and systematic changes that can contribute to an institution that focuses on thriving, not just surviving.