Heritage & History Celebrations

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific American Heritage Month (AAPIHM) is a month-long celebration that occurs during the month of May. The purpose of AAPIHM is to celebrate, honor, and educate the Dartmouth community on issues of Asian Pacific American identity, history, and culture through educational programs, speakers, and community-building events. Formerly known as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the celebration was renamed to be more inclusive of Pacific Islander identities and experiences within the larger Pan Asian community.

Black Legacy Month

Black Legacy Month (BLM) at Dartmouth College takes place in February and focuses on moving beyond history to let history inform the present and illuminate the future possibilities of Blackness at Dartmouth and the world at large. The purpose of Black Legacy Month is to recognize the Black experience in the U.S. and Dartmouth College, explore topical issues in the Black community while giving context to a vision of what the Black future could be, and engage the Dartmouth community in an appreciation for all that Black people have contributed to the campus and the world at large.

Latine & Caribbean Heritage Celebration

Latine & Caribbean Heritage Celebration is a celebration throughout the fall term of Latine & Caribbean identity which seeks to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Latine and Caribbean people in the U.S. and on Dartmouth's campus. LCHC achieves this through  series of events dedicated to education, awareness and commemoration of Latine and Caribbean heritage, history and culture.

Queer History Celebration and Trans Week of Visibility

These celebrations at Dartmouth are connected to or reminiscent of some national and international days and months of recognition. Queer History Celebration is closely aligned with LGBTQIA+ History Month. Trans Week of Visibility on campus is closely aligned with Trans Day of Visibility, Trans Awareness Week (nationally celebrated Nov 14-20th), and Trans Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20th). Due to the academic calendar, Dartmouth celebrates Transgender Awareness week during October or early November.

We recognize and uplift the many identities that intersect with queerness and their coinciding celebrations, including but not limited to Latinx & Caribbean History Celebration and Indigenous Peoples' Month.


Dartmouth PRIDE is the annual celebration of LGBTQIA+ identities that aims to affirm individuals, promote awareness, and create community. PRIDE provides opportunities to encourage inclusion and discussion through celebration.


Visibility is Dartmouth's annual student-led campaign to promote gender equity and end gender- and power-based violence with a series of performances, events, and programs throughout the winter term.


VoX is an annual summer program to continue the conversations of V-February, which aims to promote gender equity and facilitate conversations around gender and violence. VoX provides platforms for individuals to share their stories and give voice to their experiences.