About Advising

OPAL Deans provide counsel, support, and referrals to undergraduate students on a wide variety of academic, personal, social, cultural, and community-related concerns.


Through 1-1 conversations, we mentor and guide students through experiences such as:

  • transitioning to a new environment and culture
  • finding one's place or community at Dartmouth
  • navigating intra-community identity politics
  • coming out
  • manifesting self-care or squad-care
  • developing strategies for self-advocacy
  • managing institutional and interpersonal power dynamics
  • connecting with support services and resources across campus
  • leveraging personal- and community-based strengths to thrive at and beyond Dartmouth

OPAL Deans also serve in rotation on the "Dean-on-Call" system, a 24-hr emergency student support service.

Meet the Deans

  • Dean Angela Brizant
    • Office hours (Collis 214)
  • Dean Shiella Cervantes
    • Office hours (Collis 211E)
      • Mondays from 2pm - 4pm
      • Wednesdays from 9:30am - 11am
      • Thursdays from 1:30pm - 3pm
  • Dean Danielle Hussey
    • Office hours (Collis 211F)
      • Mondays from 3:30pm - 5pm
      • Wednesdays from 2:30pm - 4pm
      • Fridays from 10am - 11:30am
  • Dean Sebastián X. Muñoz-Medina
    • Office hours
      • Mondays from 2pm - 3:30pm (LALAC House)
      • Thursdays from 3:30pm - 5pm (Collis 211D)
      • Fridays from 10:30am - 12pm (Triangle House)