Caribbean Carnival 2024



carib carnival 2024 one love

The Goals for this year's Caribbean Carnival are:

  • Create a week of events that can allow students to feel at home while at Dartmouth and away from cultural and community familiarity. (through food, music, discussions, etc.)

  • Educate the Dartmouth community on topics of Caribbean culture and how to respect the culture of Caribbean communities, especially regarding Carnival. 

  • Celebrate and honor our respective cultures within the Caribbean. 

  • Collaborate with other offices and organizations within the Latin American and Caribbean communities. Carnival is not just seen in Caribbean/West Indian culture, but is a part of many African diasporic communities.

  • Highlight the work of Bob Marley and the Marley family as well as information regarding Rastafarian communities and beliefs.  


One Love serves as a reminder of unity between all communities and walks of life all while holding the weight of being a place where the campus can come together and be one as we share the history and culture of Carnival. Since Carnival is observed in many communities in both similar and distinct ways, Carnival 2024 will be centered on giving students from the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa, and beyond a platform to exhibit and appreciate their heritage and culture. 

 There will be a week full of events starting with the Pre-Screening event for the Bob Marley: One Love Movie to set the scene of what essentially we will be representing in this week full of events. This event will serve as a way to introduce and educate the guests on "One Love" and the Rastafarian Culture depicted in the movie. Following this event we will have one that will work as a Costume Workshop to give participants a creative outlet to make their own clothing for Carnival Day 24. This will help allow the students have an opportunity to create their own attire for Carnival Day, personalization in all Carnivals is important! 

A lively, participatory, and educational "Let's Talk Carnival" event on Monday will highlight the significance of Carnival not just as a celebration but also as a culture that is about emancipation and more than just having fun and making noise. Following an informative event, we will host a Caribbean game night where it will allow  Dartmouth students to experience the intense competitiveness that characterizes Caribbean gatherings. Participants will get the opportunity to learn new games and rediscover old favorites!




The Caribbean Carnival 2024 Committee is partnering with Still North Book Store on a Beverage of the Month collaboration to create a drink that encapsulates familiar flavors of the Caribbean islands. Our drink of the month will be a (non-alcoholic) One Love Lemonade (a lemonade beverage infused with flavors of hibiscus tea and ginger). Throughout the week of events we will be providing free drink tickets at random to attendees.

In addition to our drink collab, there will also be a display in Still North of a compilation of novels, stories, and academic writings focused on the experience of Caribbean authors and thinkers as well as highlighting different facets of Caribbean culture. 

Check out our display from Wednesday, April 10th until Saturday, April 20th!



Bob Marley One Love Movie Pre Screen Event - April 12th

Fri, Apr 12, 7pm, Loew Auditorium 
A heartfelt new biopic of the Jamaican musical icon, his rise to fame and his attempts to bring peace through music. Kingsley Ben-Adir gives an uncanny performance that wholly conjures Marley's charisma and how he used music to confront his personal traumas, bring his people together and change the world. 

The first 20 students who RSVP by filling out our event form will receive one free complimentary ticket, after 20 students register this form will be closed. If you do not receive a free ticket, The Hop will be selling tickets for $7 to students. 

Select here for more information on tickets and The Hop Offerings



crafting carnival hosted on saturday april 13th, shabazz mural room

Shabazz Mural Room & Lawn (weather permitting)

Saturday, April 13th | 1-3pm

Attendees will be able to participate in pre- Carnival day activities, similar to in the Caribbean, create your own items that are reflective of your culture and heritage pride. Create a tote bag that showcases your Trinidadian flair, or a mask that reveals your pride in your Haitian community, or create an image that shares the beauty of the waters of the Caribbean. 

*Items are first come, first serve. While supplies last*





Lets Talk Carnival on April 15th in Kemeny 007

Monday, April 15th |  6-8PM

Kemeny 007 Bloom/Chao

Listen to some of the cultural experiences of faculty members, academic community members, and students as we learn about how Carnival as a celebration is planned and enjoyed in a variety of communities. From exploring what Carn-naval means, from European beginnings, to how it was reclaimed in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean as a way of honoring our African heritage, and regaining our sense of freedom in marginalized communities. 



Game Night 2024

Wednesday, April 17th |  7-9PM

Shabazz Mural Room 

Join us for a game night where we will have opportunities for folks to learn how to play dominoes and loodi/parche, two games that are popular in the Caribbean. At the end of the night there will be a tournament for both advanced and beginner players to try their luck at winning it all for grand prizes (provided by OPAL). There will also be a musical chairs competition accompanied by sounds and music of the islands. 

Pizza, Wings, Snacks & Beverages will be provided. 




Carnival Day 2024 4/20 11-3pm

Shabazz Lawn (Weather Permitting)

Saturday, April 20th | 11:30am-3pm

Join the Caribbean Carnival 2024 Planning Committee for the last event of the celebration as we make our way to Shabazz Lawn for an afternoon of music, food, vibes and more! There will be a procession around Baker-Berry Library from 11:30am - 12pm and then all things lead to the lawn for performances, DJ Syxx Figgaz out of Albany, NY, food catered by The Karibbean and raffles.

2024 Planning Committee

  • Jada McMeo '26 (Co-Chair)
  • Olivia O'Connor '26 (Co-Chair)
  • Byron Francis '24
  • Esmeralda Abreu-Jerez '25
  • Maryori Maloney Lopez '25 
  • Alicia Cage '26
  • Javier Paulino '26 
  • Azaire Andre '27


Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity, Special Programs & Events Committee, The Hopkins Center for the Arts, Central Americans United Student Association, Collis Center for Student Involvement, Dartmouth Caribbean Connection, Latine & Caribbean Council, Quisqueyanos at Dartmouth, Still North Bookstore, Department of French & Italian, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, and Department of African & African American Studies