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  • Dartmouth's Design Initiative Funds Five New Interdisciplinary Projects

    The Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) announced a second round of grants to support using design methodology for a range of collaborative projects this time involving student wellness, anti-racism in both music and dermatology, physical computing, and sustainable hands-on education. Although this is the second year of DIAD's faculty project grants, it's the first time staff have also been invited to apply.  

  • Physical education swim requirement dropped, new wellness options added

    ...The swim test was eliminated through multiple faculty committee votes and a final vote by the College's entire faculty, Brislin said.  Patrick Dolph, a biology professor and chair of the Committee on Instruction at the time the proposal was made, explained that the swim test was implemented over a century ago to ensure that Dartmouth students — then all male — were prepared for military service. The requirement disproportionately impacted students of color. 

  • 'It's all right to not be okay': exploring mental health resources on campus

    The transition to college can be stressful, and many students may find that they struggle with their mental health during their adjustment. But from student-led groups to nonprofits and professional campus divisions, there are a variety of resources available on campus for students seeking mental health support.