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  • Covid testing tent

    Staff and Faculty Help With Student COVID-19 Testing

    More than 180 Dartmouth employees from across campus answered a call for help with student COVID-19 testing. As part of Dartmouth's plan to bring students back to campus, the College Health Service held three dozen COVID-19 testing clinics over the past few months. Health service employees staffed the clinics for the first several weeks, but looking ahead to late summer and early fall, when as many as 1,450 graduate and undergraduate students would be tested in a single day, it was clear they would need help.

  • Hidden Gems - Making the Most out of Dartmouth's Resources

    It's been well noted that incoming freshmen will experience an unconventional welcome fall term. The rest of us non-'24s will experience an unconventional welcome back as well, but, while '21s, '22s and '23s have had the luxury of stumbling upon many of Dartmouth's resources on campus serendipitously (or being handed them during orientation), '24s likely won't have that same opportunity. 

  • You Can Trust Yourself

    'You Can Trust Yourself': Staying Home, Staying Well

    With efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 prompting drastic changes in almost every area of life, including where and how people learn and work, students have suddenly found themselves far from their classmates and the familiar campus rhythm. Faculty, staff, and employees are hurriedly transitioning to working from home, many for the first time. As spring term approaches, Dartmouth wellness experts are offering tools for weathering, and even making the best of, the challenging new circumstances.

  • New sexual misconduct policy includes set of informal procedures

    New sexual misconduct policy includes set of informal procedures

    The new sexual and gender-based misconduct policy adopted by the College in September 2019 includes a set of informal procedures available to students, faculty and staff which provide more choices for resolutions and resources to survivors of sexual misconduct. According to Title IX coordinator Kristi Clemens, the informal procedures in the new policy can be used as alternatives to pursuing a formal investigation by survivors of sexual misconduct who may not want to, or feel comfortable pursuing, formal action. 

  • Ducks swimming

    Duck Syndrome: What's Beneath the Water?

    Duck Syndrome refers to that image of a duck we see effortlessly gliding across the water. However, what we can't see is that, under the water, that same duck is ferociously paddling to maintain its graceful appearance.