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    The Dartmouth: Mental health resources focus on accessibility throughout pandemic, but barriers remain

    According to Student Wellness Center director Caitlin Barthelmes, the last year has been difficult for "all human beings on this earth," including for students' mental health.... "It is interesting to do work that has a focus on how to thrive and how to flourish, [because] it almost feels even more difficult to be thinking in that mindset, when so many of us are kind of having day-to-day struggles of just kind of surviving," she said. "How we've approached our work this past year is that it's more important than ever to engage and experiment with practices that can support your well-being."

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    Nourishing Your Flourishing

    A recent article by Adam Grant for the NYT described the experience of life during a pandemic as one where many of us are "languishing." The piece reminded me of my love of Corey Keyes' research on "flourishing" (the opposite of languishing, described as feeling pleasurable emotions and functioning well psychologically and socially) and has me thinking

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    April Wellbeing Theme: Purpose on Purpose

    It's Spring Term! A new term is a fresh opportunity to reset yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. A chance to refocus, recenter, and re-envision who and how you are as a Dartmouth student and a person in the world.