SPEC Funding Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to provide a general framework for events requesting SPEC funding and to assist student planners in evaluating the feasibility of their budget. The Committee retains discretionary power over all funding decisions.

For SPEC Events


Alcohol may not be served at SPEC events or purchased with SPEC funds unless written permission is granted by the Collis Center.


SPEC reserves the right to deny funding for performance and speaker contracts signed before you apply to the committee, and strongly recommends that you do not sign a contract before ensuring that you are capable of honoring it in the case that SPEC votes not to fund your proposal. SPEC readily hears proposals that include estimated quotes. Please note that in the music industry, offers are considered binding.


While additional sources of funding for your event are recommended, you may not accept funding from any other UFC organization (COSO, PB, SA, CGB, DOC, GLC, Club Sports, or Class Council) if accepting funding from SPEC. Examples of acceptable co-sponsors include campus offices, academic departments and non-UFC funded student organizations.


Please provide as much information about food orders as possible, including caterer, description of food items, quantity of food, cost of food per person, etc. SPEC does consider per person costs when deciding food budget allocations. SPEC rarely funds more than $10 per person for a full meal and refreshments, however, we will consider larger allocations if a more specialized cuisine is essential to the success or purpose of the event.  SPEC will not fund meals provided solely for event organizers and their visiting guests if such meals are not open to campus. For providing meal stipends for visiting speakers or performers, SPEC limits funding to $50 per day.


SPEC encourages organizations to utilize a variety of marketing and publicity strategies, including, but not limited to, posters, Collis banners, list-serv blitzes, social media campaigns and Facebook events. SPEC will contribute to costs for professionally printed posters and limited other forms of direct advertising. Please provide a detailed description of the publicity plan for your event. Sponsored events must include the SPEC logo on all advertising. SPEC reserves the right to retract funding if this expectation is not met.


SPEC will typically fund up to $25.00 per hour for student performers (inclusive of travel, lodging, and food). SPEC will consider professional performer/speaker fees on a case-by-case basis; there is no set limit, but taking advantage of discounts/deals/personal connections and negotiating is encouraged.


Tickets may not be sold to undergraduates for any event funded in full or in part by SPEC. SPEC will withdraw funding if tickets are sold to undergraduates. However, tickets may be sold to staff, community members, faculty, and graduate students (any non-undergrad).


When possible, travel for visiting performers should be included in the performance fee in the contract. If this is not possible, travel should be booked by the College travel office.

T-Shirts & Giveaways

SPEC does not fund the creation or sale of T-shirts, bracelets or other similar giveaways.


SPEC may fund up to a maximum of $20.00 per costume. In general, SPEC will not provide funding for the purchase of costumes.

Filming & Photography

SPEC does not fund photography for archival purposes. For special situations, funding will be considered. 

Hotel Bookings

With limited exceptions, the maximum allocation for lodging will be based upon the current college rate at the Hanover Inn.  For information about hotel reservations, please reference the Event Planning Guide.


Funding for prizes will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In general, SPEC will not fund "door prizes" (e.g. raffles).

Retroactive Funding

SPEC does not hear proposals from events that have already occurred, and will not reimburse funded organizations for money spent prior to the submission of a SPEC funding application.