Gifts, Prizes and Giveaways


Your organization might want to purchase items (including flowers) or gift cards for these reasons:

  • as a thank you to a speaker or someone who has assisted your organization in some way
  • as prizes for an event that includes some sort of competition
  • as door prizes, just for showing up at the event
  • as an incentive to do something (such as complete a survey)

It is permitted to use the purchase card for this purpose. Use the Purchase Card Request form.

All gifts (tangible items and gift cards) valued at $25.01 or higher are considered taxable income and must be reported. Your group is responsible for completing a Gift and Gift Card Recipient Report for each recipient.

For gifts given as a thank you under $25.01, we only need the name(s) of the recipients. This information should be included with your receipts.

For gifts given as a promotional item under $25.01, we need the event name, count and description of items distributed.

Cash Prizes

Available to current Dartmouth students only.

Sometimes organizations offer cash prizes as part of a special event which includes a competition. This sort of prize can't actually be in the form of cash, but will need to be in the form of a Dartmouth College check to comply with Federal tax laws.

After the winner is known, please submit a Cash Prize Request. A check will be mailed to the prize recipient.

A cash advance cannot be requested for this purpose. It is considered taxable income, and must comply with all Federal tax laws.