The Collis Center's core value of balance focuses on helping students to find balance within the various aspects of their lives as Dartmouth students. Our office works to help students create events and programs that help them to develop strong friendships, learn the value of time management, utilize a realistic budget, and tie learning in the classroom with learning outside of the classroom. We encourage students to focus on the quality rather than scale of their events, making practical plans and focusing on alternative events and venues for social interaction.

Student Quotes

“The student activities office and the organizations there have really been pivotal to my growth at Dartmouth. At least as pivotal as my class work and other things I’ve done here.” - Programming Board '09

“Place your trust in other people… I like to micro-manage things… but I know that other people were elected to the exec board for a reason… things don’t always have to go the exact way that I envisioned them… differences are fine... letting go of some responsibility to let other people learn and grow more.” - Dartmouth '10

“It’s allowed me to grow and learn more about myself, how to become an effective leader and also about other people and recognizing that there are people with different personalities and priorities and that I can’t force my ideas on anyone else - you have to be open and accepting to everyone else - like anything else you would want to do.” - Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society '10

“I think there is [a connection to academics] because a lot of the stuff I’m focused on is Latino politics. I’m a government major interested in policy and the impact- nationwide- but most particularly to the Latino community. I grew up in a predominately black and Latino community so a lot of the issues that I’m most interested in are Urban issues and a lot of the issues that we cover in MEChA relate to those as well as in class. …. But some of the issues that we cover just don’t get brought up in class because they are too specific. So this is just my way of doing that… this is my way of relating… they are extensions of the things that I’ve learned.” - MECHa '10