Student Involvement Fair

Each fall, representatives from the hundreds of student clubs, teams and organizations hold an interest fair for all students to explore the broad range of ways they can be involved at Dartmouth.

During New Student Orientation


Information about the Fair:

  • The Student Involvement Fair is open to all students to learn about getting involved. While there will be many first-year students in attendance, please be mindful that any student is welcome to attend and find out more about your club. 
  • Registered groups will be assigned a specific table on the Green. If the number of organizations that rsvp exceed the number of tables available, we may require some table-sharing. 
  • Electricity is not available on the Green, so if you have any multimedia presentations, please bring them on your fully charged laptop.
  • Groups are not permitted to use amplified sound of any type.
  • Set-up begins at 2pm and all activities must cease at 5pm.
  • All groups must clean up their table at the conclusion of the event.
  • In the case of rain, we will be in Leverone Field House and you will most likely have to share a table with another group. The rain call will be made in the morning on the day of the event. 

To Register: Tables are available to those who RSVP on a first-come, first-served basis. Please look for the form to RSVP in Summer 2023.

Questions? Please contact

Getting Ready for the Involvement Fair & Fall Term

  1. Update/Set-Up your organization's DartmouthGroups profile. Incoming students will have access to Dartmouth Groups and will start checking out your organization page. 
  2. Be ready for more than first-years! You will also likely see many upper-level students exploring new opportunities to get involved as we return to school the fall.
  3. Prep your team. Reach out to your organization members with the date and time of the Involvement Fair as soon as you can and let them know any club expectations about attendance or helping staff your organization's table. Prepare any information you want to be sure gets covered when potential members come to your table. 
  4. Prep your table. These may seem like simple items, but thinking about them now and doing some planning will help make the day of the Involvement Fair run much more smoothly.
    • Sign-ups. Consider how you want people to sign up for an info/mailing list. Do you want them to write their names down? Be sure you have paper & pens. Do you want them to type in their names & email addresses? Who will bring the computer? Do you want them to join a GroupMe or something like that? You could also make use of a QR code that students can use to fill out a quick online form. At a minimum, you'll want to collect names and blitz addresses - but consider if there is any other info you want. Having multiple sign-up sheets or computers will help keep folks from having to wait to sign up and potentially wandering off.
    • Information about your organization. How do you want to share info about your club? Do you want a flyer or handout? A display board of some sort? Both? Share information about what you do, who you are, upcoming events, times/dates/locations of meetings, and who to contact for more information.
    • Identification. You'll want some sort of banner, sign, or flag for your organization. 
    • Giveaways. Do you have stickers, freebies or candy? Anything to draw people in for a conversation?
    • People! The most important thing at your table is members to talk to others about your organization! Be sure to communicate with your group about who will be at the table when, and if possible have at least 2-3 members present throughout the fair.