A signed contract is required before we can pay performers.

A Signed Contract Is Required

If you receive a contract from a speaker or performer, you must bring it to the Collis Center for Student Involvement office to be reviewed and signed. Students are not authorized to sign contracts.

If the performer does not have a contract to provide, you can use the generic Dartmouth Performer Contract drafted by the College. Not all sections of this contract will apply to your situation. You are encouraged to work with Student Involvement staff to develop. Email for assistance.

Cash Buyout of Meals

Some performer contracts call for a certain amount of cash to be provided for meals. This is called a cash buyout. The meal buyout is generally no more than $20 per person per meal.

To cover this, you should request a payables advance in your name. When you hand the cash to the performer, have the person sign a Tour Manager Receipt to verify that the cash was received. (Note: We will provide you with a blank tour manager receipt when you pick up your Business Expense Report related to your payables advance.)

You cannot use the payables advance to pay the performer fee. That can only be paid by a Dartmouth College check.