Collis Governing Board

Collis Governing Board (CGB) is a student organization that functions to promote community at Dartmouth through the Collis Center. CGB initiates programming, co-sponsors and co-hosts events, runs ONE Wheelock and other student services, enacts facilities improvements, and generally governs student life at Collis.


Student Services

Some student services CGB facilitates include:

  • Various Sports Packages on the Collis DirecTV system (NFL Sunday Ticket, FOX Soccer Channel, NHL Network, MLB Baseball package, GOAL Soccer coverage and others)
  • ONE Wheelock free coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Umbrella borrowing system
  • Sports equipment at the Collis Info Desk
  • Collis Banner Room paper and paint
  • Bicycle air pump outside of Robinson Hall
  • Magazines
  • Board Games

ONE Wheelock

Collis Governing  Board is in charge of funding and running ONE Wheelock, a student social and study space in the basement of Collis. If you have any ideas for improvement or inquiries about ONE, please contact the ONE Wheelock Management Group.

Facilities Improvements

CGB also makes contributions to the upgrading of facilities in Collis and Sarner. In the past they have purchased lighting instruments, communications equipment, audio equipment and staging for the Collis Center. If you have any suggestions about Collis, student life, programming, or anything else, you can easily submit them through this form.

You can also come see us in person at CGB's office hours, every Thursday from 6-7 in Collis 205D


CGB supports weekly and larger events, such as:

  • Weekly Trivia or Open Mic
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Microbrew Mondays
  • Green Key Weekend Collis Mainstage concerts
  • Termly study sessions (co-hosted with Tutor Clearinghouse)

Funding Opportunities

If you would like CGB to co-sponsor an event with you, please email to set up a time to come present to us at a meeting.

How to Join

CGB has open meetings every Thursday at 7:30 in Collis 303. If you are interested in joining CGB, we are always glad to have committed members join our team. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.