Green Key @ Collis Committee

About the Committee


Green Key @ Collis relies on student input and participation to help select artists for the Collis stage and plan activities at Collis during Green Key Weekend.

Ways to get involved:


The planning committee works in advance of the weekend to select performers, plan activities, and create an exciting schedule for Green Key @ Collis. If you want to join the planning committee, you should be prepared to:

  • Listen to a LOT of new music
  • Find great up-and-coming artists to bring to Dartmouth
  • Work with the rest of the committee to select the music line-up for Green Key @ Collis
  • Plan food and activities to complement the "festival" atmosphere of Green Key
  • Spread the word and help publicize GREEN KEY @ COLLIS events

Time Commitment:

  • Meet one time at the end of winter term (~one hour)
  • Meet weekly in spring term (~one hour per week)
  • On your own time: Listen to lots of music and artists you might not know and provide feedback (a few hours per week)
  • Help staff the events during Green Key Weekend
  • You will NOT be expected to spend ALL of Green Key Weekend at Collis, but the committee helps ensure all events at Collis are appropriately staffed. 

NOTE: This committee does not plan the Gold Coast Lawn concert. That is Programming Board. This committee is ONLY responsible for programs at Collis.

Event Staff

This is a great option for folks who love live music and want to make sure Green Key is a blast, but don't have the time to commit to the Planning Committee. Event staff will volunteer a few hours of their Green Key Weekend to help make sure the weekend's events run smoothly. You'll be able to enjoy the concerts, potentially meet the performers, and get some awesome Green Key swag for your time.