Student Employment Opportunities

Student Employment Opportunities

The Collis Center has a number of student employment opportunities available each term. Each of these positions plays a part in the Collis Center meeting their mission in supporting student led initiatives and creating inclusive spaces for student use. If you are interested in learning more about these positions, please contact 

Collis Community Ambassadors: Work closely with the Collis Center professional staff to manage the Collis Center facilities, including Collis, Robinson Hall, Sarner Underground, and Paganucci Lounge. The Collis Community Ambassadors also play a supporting role in the Collis Consulting Group. 

Collis Info Desk: The Collis Info Desk staff manage the Collis information desk and provide access to a number of Collis resources. Many times, they are the first faces one sees when visiting the Center and the Dartmouth campus.

Collis Techs: Provide support for events and programs taking place in Collis Center facilities. The Collis Techs work closely with event organizers and staff advisors to plan and manage the technical aspects of events. This comes in the form of event set-ups, lights, sound, and visuals. The Collis Techs also play a supporting role in the Collis Consulting Group. 

One Wheelock Managers: The One Wheelock Managers oversee the coffee service and atmosphere of Colls' coffee house space. The One Wheelock Managers work to keep One Wheelock clean, well-stocked, and most importantly, open as an inclusive space for programming and as a student lounge.