About the Collis Student Center

An essential array of student services and conveniences makes the Collis Student Center the crossroads of campus life at Dartmouth. The constant stream of students, faculty and staff, community members and visitors alike through Collis creates a lively mix of activity that fosters a sense of community. The Collis Student Center is one of the oldest campus centers in the country, with the front facing portion built in 1901 as College Hall. Collis was founded in January of 1979, named after Charles Collis, Dartmouth Class of 1937. What is now known as Common Ground, our iconic student lounge and event space, once served as Dartmouth's first-year dining hall - one of Charles Collis's favorite spaces on campus as a student. Collis spaces are host to an array of essential student services and conveniences, making the Collis Student Center the crossroads of campus life at Dartmouth. The constant stream of students, faculty and staff, community members and visitors alike through Collis and Robinson creates a lively mix of activity that fosters connection and a sense of community.

About Our Facilities

The Collis Center, Robinson Hall, Sarner Underground and The Class of 1953 Commons form the center of student life at Dartmouth College. Their schedules, policies, furnishings, and programming are designed to enhance the student experience. Overall responsibility for Collis, Sarner and Robinson lies with the Collis Center, located in Collis suite 205.


Meeting and Event Space

Each room has a standard set-up except Common Ground, which has a variety of standard set-ups to choose from. Users may make requests for special set-ups in their reservation requests (please use VirtualEMS).

More complicated set-up requests should be discussed with the Collis staff who will determine whether they are possible or if they should be referred to Conferences and Special Events, Classroom Technology Services, or an outside vendor. Any set-up requests or questions should be directed to Collis Reservations.


Collis Center

Administrative Offices

Student Organizations

Event Spaces

  • One Wheelock 
  • Common Ground 

Food Services and Retail

  • Collis Café – Featuring homemade breads, soups, and desserts—as well as wonderful stir-fries, omelets and pasta dishes
  • Collis Market – The Collis Market offers a full line of quality grocery items, health and beauty aids, and of course, school supplies. The Market boasts plenty of snacks and a complete spectrum of beverages, ranging from an expansive selection of sodas to juices to energy drinks. 


  • ONE Wheelock
  • 8 Ball Hall
  • The Living Room (TV lounge)
  • 2nd- and 3rd-floor landings
  • 205, 211, 301, 303

Meeting rooms (large and small – some of which are equipped with data projection and AV)

  • 101, 212, 218, 219, 221, 222, 223

Other Resources

  • Information Desk – General campus and area information, fax machine (free), game rentals and the Collis lost and found
  • GreenPrint Stations

Robinson Hall

Administrative offices


  • Asian American Resource Room 110
  • Rainbow Room, Room 105 and 107
  • Sustainability Lounge, Room 106
  • Student Veterans Lounge, Room 202
  • Native American Lounge, Room 204
  • Collis Student Leader Lounge, Room 206
  • Student Organization Media Suite, Room 303

Meeting rooms

  • Robinson 104
  • Robinson 107
  • Robinson 014/015

Sarner Underground

Event spaces

  • Sarner East – The area with the stage, may be reserved for events.
  • Sarner West – This space includes a wall mirror which is used frequently for rehearsals for the dance troupes.
  • Sarner E/W – For larger events, Sarner East and West may be reserved as one unit.


  • Sarner 61 

Meeting rooms

  • Sarner 66 & 68

Studio Sudikoff


Event Space

Meeting rooms

  • 001, 002, 003

Tom Dent Cabin

  • Two meeting spaces and a kitchen (reservable as a single unit). 

Class of 1953 Commons

Meeting room

  • Paganucci Lounge