Bringing Visitors to Campus

Please follow these guidelines if you are bringing a visitor to campus, such as a speaker or performer.

Contracted Visitors (performers, instructors, etc.)

If the contracted visitor wishes to pay for their own travel, the agreed upon amount for travel costs must be included in their contract along with their payment for their services.  We cannot process business expense reimbursements for contracted visitors.

Airfare or Amtrak

  • Option 1: If you need to arrange and pay for the visitor's airfare, the first step is to submit a travel office authorization form. We can then forward the information to the Travel Leaders and let them know you are authorized to contact them and make the reservation. The cost will be charged to your organization's account.
  • Option 2: We can authorize the visitor to contact the Travel Leaders to make his/her own reservations and have them charged to your organization's chart string number. Submit the information on a travel office authorization form, and we can authorize the visitor to contact them.
  • Option 3: Reimburse the traveler. Use the business expense reimbursement request form. Be sure to attach itemized receipts and boarding passes.

Limousine or Car Service

The following payments can be made with your organization's GL Chart String:

  • North Country Shuttle Services 603-448-0538
  • Amoskeag Airport Service 1-800-395-3479
  • Upper Valley Ride 603-448-4004 or 603-667-0820

The other option is to reimburse the visitor using a business expense reimbursement request form.


  • Option 1: Contact one of the following hotels directly to reserve a room and have it charged to your organization's GL Chart String. Rooms charged to Dartmouth accounts receive a discount.
  • Option 2: If you prefer, Travel Leaders can make local travel/lodging arrangements and have the cost charged to your organization's account. To do this, you need to fill out the travel office authorization form so we can authorize you to make these arrangements.
  • Option 3: Reimburse the visitor(s) for travel expenses using the business expense reimbursement request form.
  • Option 4: The visitor's contract might specify a dollar amount for housing allowance. Simply add this to the payment to the speaker/performer so it will be included in their check.

Local hotels

  • Hanover Inn (Hanover, NH): 603-643-4300
  • Courtyard by Marriott (Lebanon, NH): 603-643-5600
  • Residence Inn by Marriott (Lebanon, NH): 603-643-4511
  • Six South Street Hotel (Hanover, NH): 603-643-0600
  • The Element Hotel (Lebanon, NH): 603-448-5000