All reimbursements are processed on the Business Expense Reimbursement Request form. You are required to provide an itemized/detailed receipt for each purchase. The receipts must include the amount paid, date, name of vendor and location, and essential character of the expense. The receipts must also indicate payment was made in full. If your receipt does not show payment, then additional backup is required, such as a credit card satement.

When all receipts pertain to the same business purpose, you only need to submit ONE reimbursement request form. For example, ANY type of expense incurred during several days of travel can be put on ONE reimbursement request form.

NEW: Dartmouth College has partnered with J.P. Morgan Chase to provide a digital payment method for Accounts Payable payments to students, which includes reimbursements. Students will receive a notice from JP Morgan to accept their payment electronically in place of the current paper check printed and mailed from Dartmouth, so watch for this email once your reimbursement has been processed. You will have 14 days to accept your payment with a reminder coming 3 days before it expires.  If you do not accept your payment within 14 days a check will be printed and mailed to the address you provide in your reimbursement request.