Part of the out-of-the-classroom learning that the Collis Center for Student Involvement works to facilitate is based upon innovation. We encourage students to come up with creative programs and events within budgetary limits while utilizing all of the resources at their disposal. As part of their event planning, we work to inspire students to address community and world issues, solve problems, create change, and take risks as part of the planning process while researching all the facts behind their planning efforts. Our student employees learn to maximize limited resources, and with student groups, we emphasize a focus on homegrown ideas rather than spending money in order to bring programming to campus.

Student Quotes

“I think it’s really cool that there is so much ownership of your organizations and what you’re involved in. And I think that’s a really unique aspect of it. And while our advisors are always there to help us and give us opinions it’s basically up to us what to do.” - Programming Board '10

“It’s like a real world test case in the Dartmouth bubble of, 'Here’s money, spend it wisely.'” - Programming Board '10

“Creating the kind of atmosphere where people can come up with ideas and then work with others to get them done… that’s important and it’s difficult to balance that with budget and reality and I found that I’ve learned a lot about how to work with people about stuff like that.” - Dartmouth '11