Co-Sponsorships and Internal Fund Transfers

Moving Funds to Other Organizations

When you need to move funds from your organization's account to another Dartmouth account (either a Dartmouth department or a recognized student organization), you would "transfer" funds to that account. Use the Internal Funds Transfer Request form, and be sure to enter the receiving organization's GL Chart String carefully and accurately. 

When you need to "charge" another account to credit funds to your account (because you provided them a service, or sold them something), you would also use the Internal Funds Transfer Request form. Also include documentation explaining the purpose.

If another organization/department has offered to provide your group co-sponsorship funds for an event, you would generally give them your GL Chart String that they should transfer the funds to. Be sure to submit a Funding Verification Form and upload a document or email promising the funding.

Co-Sponsorships from outside of the College need to be submitted on the Funding Verification Form. These funds normally are sent by check Payable to "Trustees of Dartmouth College" and addressed to your group at 6181 Collis Center, Suite 211, 2 North Main Street, Hanover NH 03755

When sending funds to a Greek house, you need to submit a Check to Vendor Request form to request a check payable to that house. You will need the following information available to complete the form:

  • Your organization
  • Greek organization receiving funds
  • Purpose (Include event title/date, if applicable)
  • Dollar amount being transferred
  • Whom the check is payable to
  • Name and Hinman box where the check is to be sent

It will take one to two weeks for the check to be processed.