Self-Supporting Organizations

Although the funds raised by self-supporting organizations belong to them, your financial account is handled through the Dartmouth financial accounting system. These procedures apply to self-supporting groups as well as to UFC-funded (and COSO-funded) groups.

Financing Your Organization

Receiving Payments for Performances

Dartmouth departments and student organizations with GL chart strings must provide payment by transferring funds to your organization's GL chart string. 

Greek houses and outside organizations and individuals should provide payment by a check payable to your organization. You then need to bring the check to 301C Collis so it can be deposited to your account.

Selling Merchandise

Use the DA$H system to conduct sales with students. Email Collis.Center.Treasurers.Corner to make an appointment.  Or, keep track of DA$H sheets an run DA$H at a later date, preferably within two weeks of the event, but at least in the same term.

Paying for Services

Learn more about paying for services.


Learn more about travel for your organization's members