Travel for Your Organization's Members

When your organization plans to travel off campus, our emergency procedures require that we keep information on student organization out-of-town trips for emergency purposes. When your group plans to travel off-campus, please provide travel contact information.

Approved Driver Requirements

All employees and student drivers who intend to operate a College-owned, leased, rented or personal vehicle on College business need to be named on the Approved Drivers list maintained by Parking & Transportation Services and must complete the Driver Safety Training Program.

Learn more about the driver policy, student drive policy, student driver approval process, student driver application, etc.

Personal Mileage/Gas

You must follow Approved Driver Requirements even if you are using a personal vehicle.

Activities within the Hanover/Lebanon/Norwich/White River Junction area that can be characterized as "errands," such as trips to the store for food, supplies, etc., are not subject to the College Student Driver Policy.

Other Bus/Train Service

(not listed above)

Option 1: Get a cash advance

  • Use the cash advance request form
  • Deadline for purchases up to $500, 1:00, two business days ahead
  • Deadline for purchases more than $500, two weeks ahead

Option 2: Pay out of pocket and submit the business expense reimbursement request form, for reimbursement (be sure to attach itemized/detailed receipt).

Limousine/Car Service

The following payments can be made with your organization's GL Chart String: 

  • Apex Car Services 603-252-8294
  • North Country Shuttle Services 603-448-0538
  • Amoskeag Airport Service 1-800-395-3479
  • Upper Valley Ride 603-448-4004 or 603-667-0820

For limousine services not on this list, contact us to work out payment.

Renting a Car

You must follow the approved driver requirements above.

For travel that originates and ends in Hanover, or for one-way regional travel, contact the Enterprise-VOX Car Program at 646-1869. You can arrange the car rental there, and the cost will be charged directly to your organization's account.

NOTE: The Enterprise Office is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   If you plan to pick up a vehicle when the office is closed, please indicate the date/time when the office is open for you to pick up the keys and gas card. There will be a later prompt to indicate the actual dates/times you will be using the vehicle.  Once your reservation is complete, please print two copies of the confirmation. One of them you will need to bring with you to the Enterprise-VOX Office on the date/time of your reservation, the other copy is for the Treasurer’s Corner. Please e-mail it to [email protected], or drop it off at Collis 301C. If you don’t have access to a printer, then come to Collis 301C and use one of our student computers.

For travel beyond our region, you will need to submit a travel office authorization form. We can then forward the information to Travel Leaders and let them know you are authorized to contact them and make reservations. You have two options for payment.

Option 1: Get a cash advance

  • Use the cash advance request form.
  • Deadline for purchases up to $500, 1:00, two business days ahead
  • Deadline for purchases more than $500, two weeks ahead

Option 2: Pay out of pocket and submit the business expense reimbursement request form for reimbursement (be sure to attach itemized/detailed receipt).

Airfare or Amtrak

Preferred method

  • Use the College Travel Office to make travel arrangements for your organization.
  • Before you contact them, they need to receive advance notice from our office that you will be making reservations and that you are authorized to do this.
  • Use the travel office authorization form. We will forward the information and let them know we have authorized you to make the reservation.

Alternate method

  • If you choose to make reservations yourself through an on-line service, you would need to charge your personal credit card to pay for the tickets. You cannot be reimbursed until after the travel has been completed and you are able to submit the actual boarding pass to verify that the travel took place.
  • It is possible to be "reimbursed" with a cash advance after providing proof that the tickets were purchased. Then, after the travel has been completed, you would need to bring in the boarding pass and complete paperwork to settle the cash advance.