Council on Class Officers (COCO)


The Council on Class Officers (COCO) acts as representative body for each class to promote Class Pride, encourage Class Community and help build strong relationships among the students. Class Councils are always open for new ideas and are constantly creating new ways to celebrate student involvement at Dartmouth.

How to Join

Elections for upperclassmen are held each year in the spring term for the following year’s Class Council. Elections for the first-year class are held in the fall term. The Elections Planning and Advisory Committee are in charge of running the elections. For more information about running for Class Council or if you have any questions, contact us.


Each class council is responsible for planning and organizing class-wide events for many different occasions, including some of Dartmouth’s traditional weekends.

  • First Year Class Council take a large role in planning and organizing Bonfire each year. They also play a role in First Year Family Weekend.
  • Sophomore Class Council helps plan Sophomore Family Weekend.
  • Juniors work on the Class Ring ceremony.
  • Senior Class Council plans Senior Week and have a role in Commencement activities.