Alcohol & AMP


All on-campus events which will include alcohol will require AMP registration and approval ahead of time. 

If your organization will be utilizing Student Activities Fee (UFC) funds, you will need approval ahead of time from Anna Hall (Senior Assistant Dean for Student Life). This includes allocations from all UFC funded sources (Council on Class Officers, Class Councils, Collis Governing Board, COSO, Programming Board, SPEC, and Student Government). 

You cannot use a purchase card to buy alcohol.

Option 1: Request a payables advance ahead of time

  • $500 or less, request three business days in advance
  • Higher than $500, request two weeks in advance.

Option 2: Pay out of pocket, and submit itemized/detailed receipts and a Business Expense Reimbursement Request for reimbursement

Before you spend personal money, be sure to verify with us ahead of time that the event is approved and funds are available.