Equipment Rentals

This might include staging and/or lighting equipment for an event, carnival equipment or activities, porta-potty for a large event, etc.


  • You cannot use a purchase card for rentals.
  • We need a contract from the company. It must be signed by the company and by an administrator in the Collis Center for Student Involvement office. Students are not authorized to sign contracts.
  • The company needs to be in the vendor database. (If not already in the database, we will need a New Supplier Classification Form and a W-9 Form to be completed and signed by the company.)
  • The company needs to be insurance compliant.
  • Provide a quote so we can process a purchase order.
  • Start at least two weeks in advance, if the company requires payment on the day of service, to allow time for all required paperwork to be in place, purchase order to be arranged, and pickup check to be requested.