Bus Charters

If your organization is planning to schedule and pay for a chartered bus trip, Dartmouth has specific policies and procedures that MUST be followed.


  • The purchase card cannot be used for bus charters.
  • Please get in touch with us at the onset of your planning, so we can help expedite the process and avoid last minute problems.
  • First, we need to determine whether or not the bus vendor you plan to use is already approved and registered with Dartmouth.

Using Companies Not on the Approved List

If you want to use a company that is not on the list, the first step will be to get them added. This is what we will need from the company:

  • New Vendor Information Form
  • W-9 Form
  • Current Insurance Certificate

If the company insists on credit card payment, you cannot use that company — chartered buses must be paid for with a purchase order and a Dartmouth College check.

After the company is approved, we need a contract or quote from the company. With this, we will arrange for a "Purchase Order" to be sent. This is a legally binding promise to pay for the service as described on the quote or contract, and is needed to confirm the reservation. 

Bring contracts to the Collis Center for Student Involvement for a signature. Students are not legally authorized to sign contracts.

Finally, the company needs to send an invoice so they can receive payment.

First Student school buses

We also work with First Student for school bus rentals. The routine is for them to send an invoice for payment. We actually wait to receive the invoice from their Chicago office to make the final payment. 

If they don’t realize you are an official organization affiliated with our office, they will tell you that payment must be made to the driver on the day of the trip. Explain that you are an organization with the Collis Center for Student Involvement office at Dartmouth College, so they will know they can mail us an invoice for payment instead.

First Student can be contacted by phone at (855) 272-3222. Please contact us for the customer number.