Bus Charters


If your organization is planning to schedule and pay for a chartered bus trip, you will need to utilize the charter companies on Dartmouth’s preferred vendors list.

Go to this link and select the Category “Bus Charter Service: Coach/School” to see the preferred vendor list and contact information for each company.

Use of a charter company NOT on the Preferred Vendor List

If you have to use a company that is not on Dartmouth's preferred vendor list and have worked with the Procurement office to exhaust all avenues, you can then begin to work with a non-preferred company

We will need a contract or quote from the company. With this, we will arrange for a "Purchase Order" to be sent. This is a legally binding promise to pay for the service as described on the quote or contract, and is needed to confirm the reservation. 

Bring contracts to the Collis Center for Student Involvement office for a signature. Students are not legally authorized to sign contracts.

Finally, the company needs to send an invoice, so they can receive payment by check.