Your COSO organization can use DA$H as a means to fundraise. COSO organizations fundraise to improve their group's revenue, or to bring their group out of a deficit.

COSO organizations who wish to fundraise for outside entities (i.e. American Red Cross) need to justify how the fundraiser aligns with their mission/constitution.  Verification will be required.

COSO organizations are not allowed to loan out DA$H privileges, string number, or access to room reservations to other entities on campus.  In doing so, the organization will risk losing these privileges.  We only support organizations that fall under the Office of Student Involvement.

Please use the DA$H sheets for Collis Organizations to collect information from students. The current DA$H system requires the 9-digit ID number located on the lower right corner of the student's ID card. When the sheets are completed, and you are ready to manually enter the charges at the DA$H terminal in the Collis Center for Student Involvement Office, contact us to set up an appointment.

Portable DA$H Terminal 

On rare occasions, a COSO organization may have a large-scale event that justifies the need for the portable DA$H machine.  Send the requests for approval at least 48 hours (excluding weekends) in advance to Collis.Center.Treasurers.Corner@Dartmouth.edu

Our portable DA$H machine will only operate within the Collis Center.  If the request is approved, you will need to reserve space within the Collis Center for your event at VirtualEMS.