Movie Rights

When showing a movie on campus (any showing that is not in your home or dorm room), you must purchase the "screening rights" for the film from the distributing company.

Planning Your Campus Movie Event

Legally you and your organization are required to secure the proper rights whether or not you charge an admission to the movie. Rates for the rights usually range from $250-$1000 depending on the film and format. For these reasons, we recommend that you make arrangements early and solicit funding from PB, COSO, or other co-sponsorship organization, such as Collis Governing Board, if the screening will be held in the Collis Center.

  • STEP 1: Reserve an appropriate venue for the event (you will need a screen, projection system, & DVD player). Some rooms come equipped with the necessary equipment to show a movie, others do not. Speak with the building scheduler about the venue options or contact Classroom Technology Services to make arrangements for rental equipment. Alert the scheduler when you have finalized arrangements for film screening rights in STEP 2.
  • STEP 2: Make arrangements for the film rights. See contacts below for companies that distribute films for nontheatrical viewing (anything outside a movie theater). Each distributor represents a different set of film companies. You need to find the one that offers the rights to your selected movie. Most sites below have a website with a search function for film titles.
  • STEP 3: Make payment arrangements by setting up a club/organization account with the distributor. They will send you the invoice for the film. You can then process payment by submitting a Purchase Card Request if the vendor takes credit card payments, or a Check to Vendor Request if they require a check be mailed to them.



For foreign or specialty films.

Kino 1-800-562-3330