Purchase Cards


Use the Purchase Card Request form. Submit this request by 1:00 pm, one business day before you plan to pick up the card. We will have a card ready by 10:00 am on the day your request indicates the card is needed. We do not send out announcements that cards are ready.

When you pick up the card, you will sign a cardholder's agreement indicating that you understand the rules of the card. The card, itemized/detailed receipts, and transaction log (included with the card so you can log each purchase) needs to be returned by the next business day.

If you are preparing for a large event and need the card longer than one day, please indicate this when you are requesting the card.

When your organization uses a purchase card, the expense is charged directly to your organization's account.

Purchase Card Policies

Violation of these policies can result in loss of purchase card privileges for your organization.

Purchase cards are provided as a convenience to be used only for these purposes:

  • Goods and supplies costing $2,499 or less
  • Supplies in local stores within the Upper Valley (Hanover, Lebanon, West Lebanon, White River Junction) — cards cannot be taken outside of the Upper Valley.
  • Supplies from online vendors
  • Takeout food or food delivery (not to eat food in a restaurant)
  • Off-campus printing services
  • Dartmouth Coach, Concord Coach and Boston Express Bus tickets are the only travel expense allowed
  • Prizes for events (including tangible items and gift cards). Prize recipient information is needed for prizes valued at $50 or higher. 
  • Online conference registration

Use the card only for the purpose stated on your request — we must provide the auditors with information on the actual purpose of each purchase card transaction.

Every purchase must be backed up with an itemized/detailed receipt and logged on the transaction log (the log is included with the purchase card when you sign out the card) — we must provide the auditors with copies of the itemized/detailed receipts backing up each purchase.

If you give this card to another person to make a purchase on behalf of your organization, you will still be responsible for the correct use of the card and the timely return of the card and receipts.

Cards cannot be used for

  • Paying for any travel expenses (except for Dartmouth Coach, Concord Coach and Boston Express Bus tickets are the only travel expense allowed)
  • Pumping gas for your car for any reason (pay with payables advance or reimbursement)
  • Buying lunch while running errands (pay with payables advance or reimbursement)
  • Purchases outside of the Upper Valley (get a payables advance for out of town purchases)
  • Meals eaten IN a restaurant (pay with payables advance or reimbursement)
  • Purchasing alcohol (need AMP approval, then payables advance)
  • A single purchase higher than $2,499 (we need to arrange purchase order and invoice payment, per Federal auditor rules)
  • Letting a vendor run the card through twice to pay for something higher than the $2,499 limit — this is called "pyramiding" and is not allowed by Federal auditors or the bank that issues the cards
  • On-campus purchases (any purchases from other Dartmouth departments) — this includes Collis Market, Collis Café, Novack Café, Computer Store, etc.
  • Paying for any services (such as stage rental/set-up, carnival equipment, porta-potty rentals, etc.) — these require a contract, purchase order, and up-to-date insurance certificates
  • Sending card details over email (because email is not secure enough to guard the card information)