Fundraisers & Charitable Donations


If you are planning to sell something that will display the word Dartmouth, D, or any trademarked images, your design must be approved by the Office of General Counsel prior to marketing your merchandise, collecting any DA$H or selling and printing the merchandise. You must use an "Approved Vendor" when printing/selling any student organization merchandise with Dartmouth trademarks or name.

Before placing any order, please email with your design. 


Your organization can raise funds to benefit your organization (usually by selling something), or for a charity (by selling items or collecting donations). You can collect cash, checks, or DA$H from students (see the sections on deposits, DA$H, and charitable donations).

Organizations are not permitted to contact alumni to solicit donations. However, if donations from alumni are received, bring in the donation as a deposit — we will process it through "Gift Recording" so the individual is recognized for the gift and receives important tax exempt information so they can claim it on their tax return. Please see us for more information on the policy on donations from alumni if the situation comes up.

Charitable Donations

Since Dartmouth is classified as a non-profit institution, Federal law forbids the use of Dartmouth funds to make charitable donations. Your organization is a part of Dartmouth, so funds in your account are considered to be Dartmouth money—and therefore cannot be used to make charitable donations.

However, if your organization holds a fundraiser and deposits the profits of this fundraiser into the account, the profit would not be considered Dartmouth money and can be used to make a donation.

To request a donation check, use the Charitable Donation form.