Vision, Mission, and Core Values


The Collis Center and Student Involvement will focus on discovery, learning, and civic engagement. We envision a seamless learning environment balanced with challenge and support, comfort and flexibility, and contemporary culture and tradition. With appropriate resources and lively spaces, the Collis Center and Student Involvement will remain central to Dartmouth's daily life.


The Collis Center and Student Involvement believe co-curricular learning opportunities are vital in developing student leadership and life skills. We act as a catalyst to engage students outside the classroom by:

  • Providing training
  • Advising
  • Mentoring to students and organization advisors
  • Offering/creating developmental student employment opportunities
  • Fostering interactions among all members of the College community
  • Maintaining programming spaces and resources for student-focused initiatives that enrich our campus culture

Core Values:

We are guided in our mission by the following core values:

  • Discovery – create opportunities for learning beyond the classroom
  • Connections – build intentional relationships to enhance engagement in the campus community
  • Community – respect for others and the creation of safe and inclusive environment
  • Innovation – design and support programs, venues and resources that cultivate student expression
  • Excellence – critical assessment and use of appropriate resources to achieve successful outcomes
  • Balance – commitment to personal and professional life, growth and resource management