Printing and Publications


Do not place a printing order until you have contacted us to verify that your organization has sufficient funds to cover the cost.

Next, submit a quote from the printing vendor so that we can arrange a confirming purchase order. Do not submit the printing job until a confirming purchase order is in place.

Commonly used printers and contacts

  • Joe Christensen, Inc.:402-476-7535 (Christine)
  • Whitman Communications (Puritan Press): 603-448-2600 (Jeff Dawson)
  • Valley News: 603-298-8711 (Bob or Glenn)

Getting your publication printed

Requesting an Invoice & Purchase Order

Vendors will require an official Dartmouth College confirming purchase order (which includes a purchase order number) before they will begin printing.

  • You will need a final quote from the vendor.
  • Bring the quote to Collis 301C to either Diane Nadeau or James Almond-Goerlitz, or email us the quote along with a request to send a confirming purchase order.
  • We will verify that the group has money to cover the cost of printing, and will arrange for Procurement Services to send an official Dartmouth confirming purchase order (and purchase order number) to the vendor.
  • Once the vendor receives the purchase order paperwork, they will print your publication.
  • After printing, the vendor will send an invoice with the purchase order number on it. We will process it for payment.

Using a Purchasing Card for Payment

Purchase cards may be used to pay for printing if the amount is under $500.

  • First, get a final quote from your vendor.
  • Request a credit card using the Purchase Card Request form.
  • Submit the quote.
  • Before you receive permission to use the card and print, the financial specialists in Collis 301C will verify that you have the funds in your account.
  • Do not have the vendor start printing until after funding has been verified and the purchase card has been issued.