Dartmouth College permits the use of alcoholic beverages in select campus facilities. These policies apply to the use of alcohol in Collis Common Ground, Sarner Underground, One Wheelock, Paganucci Lounge and Tom Dent Cabin.

All Users

  • Hard alcohol (liquor or any beverage over 15% alcohol) is not permitted on Campus.
  • The director of the Collis Center must approve any event with alcohol in Collis, Sarner, Paganucci Lounge and Tom Dent Cabin.
  • All users that have alcoholic beverages at their event are responsible for complying with College regulations, New Hampshire State Law, and all federal and local laws and regulations.
  • Safety and Security may be required at large events where alcohol is present. Determination of the minimum number of officers required is at the sole discretion of S&S. Host groups or individuals will be billed for the cost of security personnel.
  • At any event at which alcohol is present, sufficient quantities of food and non-alcoholic beverages must also be available (as stated in the Alcohol Management Program guidelines).
  • Graduate student organizations must comply with the same policies as undergraduate student organizations.
  • Alcoholic beverages are confined to the space that is reserved.
  • If an event is having alcohol served by an insured and approved caterer, the sponsoring organization cannot bring in their own alcohol. 

Recognized Dartmouth Student Organizations

Student Organization events at which alcohol will be served must be registered by the host through the Alcohol Management Program.