Policies for Specific Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Collis 101, 212, 218, 219, 221, 222, 223

  • All technical resource requests must be reserved 5 business days in advance of meeting/event.
  • There are data projectors and projection screens in 101, 212 and 218. Please note that we do not provide computers.
  • Meeting rooms must be returned to their default configuration at the end of the reservation period.

Common Ground

  • Student Organizations are given priority with Common Ground reservations.
  • Common Ground reservations must be made at least 10 business days in advance.
  • Technical requirements and setup needs must be requested no later than 5 business days in advance.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 10 business days in advance.
  • Because of high demand, we don't allow consecutive occurrences in Common Ground for a single event. All rehearsals and setups must occur on the same day as the event.
  • Common Ground is a multi-purpose room and can be set up in a variety of ways.
  • The maximum capacity for Common Ground is 200 chairs auditorium style, 300 standing, 144 banquet-style (18 five-foot round tables with 8 chairs each).
  • The Collis Lobby Table, if available, may also be requested for ticket sales or registration.
  • See section on decoration policies for specific guidelines for decorations in Common Ground.
  • Alcohol is permitted to be served at events held in Common Ground. You must meet with the Director of the Collis Center for Student Involvement for specific guidelines pertaining to the serving of alcohol in Common Ground.

One Wheelock

  • The furniture may not be moved.
  • All events must remain open to the campus (i.e. no private parties/closed doors).
  • All technical resource requests must be reserved 5 business days in advance of meeting/event.

Tom Dent Cabin

  • Tom Dent is reserve-able for functions and has a maximum capacity of 49.
  • Because of the close proximity to a residential neighborhood we do not allow DJs, bands or other high decibel entertainment.
  • There is a working sink, stove, refrigerator and restroom as well as a selection of rustic-style furnishings.
  • There is no WIFI and limited cell phone coverage.
  • The fireplace may NOT be used.
  • If you are having an event during business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) you need to contact the Parking Office and let them know you will be parking in that area.

Lobby Tables

  • The lobby tables in the lobby of Collis and in the inside atrium area of '53 Commons are available for use by recognized student organizations and college departments.
  • Organizations may book the lobby tables a combined total of three times in a seven-day period.
  • The maximum time per "sitting" is 4 hours.
  • Organizations can only reserve tables for their own use.
  • Please note that in order to use the '53 Commons Lobby Table one must pay for admittance to the dining hall.

Collis Patio, Gellar Plaza and Robinson Lawn

  • The Collis Patio, Gellar Plaza and Robinson Lawn may be reserved for events in nice weather, but we do not close off the space to general traffic.
  • We do not guarantee a rain location, but encourage event organizers to secure a rain site/date.
  • Reservations of the Collis Patio may not interfere with patron dining in the Collis Café.
  • All activities on the Collis Center Patio, Gellar Plaza and Robinson Lawn must conform to College guidelines for outdoor events, and must not disrupt regularly scheduled activities or departments in the surrounding buildings.
  • The Collis Porch is not a reserve-able space because it is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Robinson Lawn is not reserve-able when the grass is being seeded.

Sarner Underground

  • Sarner Underground is an all-purpose student space containing lounges, two meeting rooms (66 & 69) and event spaces (East and West). Only reservations requested by recognized student organizations for student-centered events will be approved.
  • Rehearsals are limited to 6 hours per week, with a maximum of 3 hours per session.  
  • Student organizations can reserve either Sarner East or Sarner West (but not both) for their rehearsals.
  • We do not allow groups to reserve Sarner spaces for rehearsals after 5pm on Friday and Saturday evenings in order to accommodate large community-wide events.
  • Sarner Underground is open to students 24/7 while school is in session. Hours may be limited during interim periods.
  • Food served at events or meetings in Sarner Underground must be provided by College approved (insured) caterers.
  • Any alcohol in Sarner Underground must be approved by the Director of the Collis Center.

Paganucci Lounge and '53 Commons Lobby Table

  • Student organization reservation requests are given priority.
  • DDS approves requests for all dining spaces except Paganucci Lounge and the '53 Lobby Table reservations which are approved by the Collis Center.
  • Paganucci is a Collis controlled space.  Please contact the Collis building manager at 603-646-2100 or come to the Collis information desk if you need support during your event.  Please note that the Collis Center does not open until noon on the weekends.
  • Alcohol must be approved by the Director of the Collis Center for Paganucci Lounge. Alcohol cannot be sold and no money can change hands at events where alcohol is served.
  • DDS retains the right of first refusal for all food served in Paganucci Lounge. No outside food is allowed in the dining areas of '53 Commons.
  • Reservations must be made 5 business days in advance.
  • Technical requirements and setup needs must be requested no later than 5 business days in advance (if the resources are being requested from Collis/DDS) for Paganucci lounge. 
  • Cancellations must be made at least 5 business days in advance.
  • The default setup for Paganucci is a hollow box. If an event organizer wants a different setup, they need to notify Collis Reservations.

Outdoor Events

  • Amplified sound outdoors must be approved by the Town of Hanover. Please contact the Conferences and Events office for information.
  • Outdoor events expecting more than 50 people must also get permission from the Town of Hanover (also through Conferences and Events).
  • There cannot be amplified sound outdoors on weekdays before the end of business hours (4:30 p.m. regularly; 4:00 p.m. in the summer).
  • Collis does not provide barbecue grills. All grilling on the Patio areas must be done by an insurance-compliant caterer.
  • For rally planning information, please contact Conferences and Events.
  • Generally, there will be no outdoor programs during reading period or final examination period. Exceptions may be made by the Director of the Collis Center.