At the Dartmouth College Health Service, our goal is to help you understand the food choices you make and recommend dietary practices for your good health based on scientific research. We provide you with the knowledge and support to develop a confident and individually-grounded eating style.

The dieticians at the Health Service work as a team with both Primary Care and the Counseling Center to assess your personal needs and assist you with managing specific health concerns or conditions.

Nutrition Appointments

Most nutrition appointments require a referral; however, if you are looking for a basic nutrition consultation a referral is not required. A nutrition referral can be made by scheduling an appointment with a primary care provider at the Health Service at 603-646-9400 or by meeting with a counselor at the Counseling Center at 603-646-9442.

Once a referral is in place and an appointment has been scheduled, it is helpful for you to complete a Food Diary prior to your first appointment. Please bring the completed Food Diary with you to your appointment or email it to staff dietician Shira Evans.

Meal Plan Exemption

If you are seeking exemption from a meal plan and have a current documented medical exemption you can schedule a nutrition appointment without a referral. If you do not have a current medical exemption you must schedule an appointment with Primary Care at the Health Service. The Primary Care appointment office phone number is 603-646-9400.

Disordered Eating

If your relationship with food and body image is negatively impacting your health, or if you think that you may have an eating disorder, please schedule an appointment in Primary Care to be evaluated for the medical component of an eating disorder. The provider you see can give you a referral to the dietician. The Primary Care appointment office phone number is 603-646-9400.