Help...I feel sick! Is it a cold? The Flu? COVID-19?

How can I tell if it is COVID-19, the flu, a cold or just allergies?


Symptoms Comparison Table

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, the first step is to self-test with a COVID-19 antigen test. These can be found at a number of locations around campus, and also in the lobby of Dick's House. If your test is positive, please let our nurses know by calling 603-646-9440 or emailing 

Regardless of your test result, stay home and away from others until, for at least 24 hours, both are true:

  • Your symptoms are getting better overall, and
  • You have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication).

When you go back to your normal activities, take added precaution over the next 5 days, such as taking additional steps for cleaner air, hygiene, masks, physical distancing, and/or testing when you will be around other people indoors.

  • Keep in mind that you may still be able to spread the virus that made you sick, even if you are feeling better. You are likely to be less contagious at this time, depending on factors like how long you were sick or how sick you were.
  • If you develop a fever or you start to feel worse after you have gone back to normal activities, stay home and away from others again until, for at least 24 hours, both are true: your symptoms are improving overall, and you have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication). Then take added precaution for the next 5 days.

If you would like more guidance, you can always call the nurses at Dick's House at 603-646-9440.


Most respiratory virus symptoms can be managed successfully by an individual without evaluation by a health care provider.  A list of self-care guides for many common conditions can be found here.

If you get sick with flu or COVID, antiviral drugs may be a treatment option, but they are not used for everyone. Call the nursing line at 603-646-9440 if you are at higher risk of severe illness from respiratory viruses. Typically those at higher risk are older adults, young children, people with compromised immune systems, people with disabilities, and pregnant people.




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