Incoming, Transfer & Walk-On Students

Medical Clearance Requirements

All required paperwork is due by July 1, 2018.

Late submission may result in your inability to participate in team activities upon your arrival to campus, including team testing and practices. 

We are aware that many insurance plans allow for only one well-child visit per year which may fall after our specified deadline. We suggest your contact your insurance provider to ask whether they might waive this restriction for the purpose of a college entrance physical. 

The following items are required

  • Athletic History & Physical Exam form
    • The form must be filled out COMPLETELY. If there are any unanswered questions, your forms will not be accepted.
    • The form must be signed by a physician (MD or DO) or a Nurse Practitioner. Forms completed by another health professional will not be accepted unless co-signed.
    • The physical must be completed on or after March 5, 2018.
  • Sickle Cell Testing Requirements. Per the NCAA, all student-athletes must do one of the following. 
    • Provide results of prior Sickle Cell Trait testing to the Health Service. This may be either newborn screen or more recent testing. Or,
    • Sign a waiver form declining to be tested or declining to submit proof of prior testing for Sickle Cell Trait (waiver included in Athletic History & Physical Exam packet)
    • Refer to the NCAA website to read more about the Sickle Cell Trait.
  • Documentation for use of any banned prescription medications including for ADD/ADHD (if applicable).
    • The NCAA recognizes that some banned substances are used for legitimate medical purposes. With appropriate documentation, exceptions may be granted for substances included in the following classes of banned drugs: stimulants, beta blockers, diuretics, anti-estrogens, beta-2 agonists, peptide hormones and anabolic agents. Student-athletes taking prescription medications to treat ADD/ADHD will be particularly affected.
    • You must provide specific documentation of diagnosis and treatment to allow for medical exception (Medical Exception form included in Athletic History and Physical Exam packet).
    • A detailed explanation of what is required for medical exception in other banned classes can be found in the Athletic History & Physical Exam packet. 
    • Refer to their website to read more about the NCAA drug testing program.

Sending Completed Forms

Mail completed forms to:

Dartmouth College Health Service
Attn: Sports Medicine - Athlete Physical
7 Rope Ferry Road
Hanover, NH 03755

Alternatively, scanned forms can be emailed to: Tracy Purcell or faxed to (603) 646-9410, Attn: Sports Medicine - Athlete Physical.

Clearance Status Information

Dartmouth's student athlete clearance status is different from the requirements for the NCAA Clearinghouse. Visit the Dartmouth Athletic Department Compliance website for more information on the NCAA Clearance process. 

This clearance is also separate from the Entering Student Health & Immunization requirements of the College Health Service (including such items as immunization records and proof of insurance).  The clearance paperwork described on this page is only valid for  clearance to participate in Varsity Athletics at Dartmouth College.