News & COVID-19 Related Info

Apple Pay And Tap Features Currently Unavailable!

Our register system has a new security update that has been taking a lot longer than we expected. We do not have Apple Pay working at the moment. No time frame is determined of when this will be resolved. 

Please have another form of payment available when picking up prescriptions at DHHP. 

We take DA$H, cash, and credit/debit cards

Please make sure that you have DA$H funds. Our system will not go negative with the payment. 

We do apologize for this inconvenience!


Covid-19 Antigen Home Tests Available!

We have Covid Antigen Rapid At Home Tests available for purchase at Dick Hall's House Pharmacy. 

Price is $22.50 for a box of 2 with a 10% discount for students and staff of Dartmouth College. 

Please contact the pharmacy with any questions! 


Ability to manage your prescriptions anytime, anywhere.

With our new mobile pharmacy app, you will have...

  • A list of your current and past prescriptions in your pocket for refills!
  • Customizable reminders, so you never miss a dose!
  • Ability to track the status of your refills and know when they are ready!
  • Have a list of your prescribers' information on hand!

To see all the perks our app has to offer, simply scan the QR code below or click here

QR Code


Medication Take-Back Program

Dick Hall's House Pharmacy has established a convenient medication take-back program. This program makes it easy to dispose of your leftover, unused, unwanted, or expired medications! The collection receptacle is accessible in the Pharmacy at Dick Hall's House Health Service at 5 Rope Ferry Road during regular business hours.

Please note the following items are not accepted:

  • Inhalers
  • Liquids/Lotions
  • Needles
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Thermometers
  • Class I or Illegal Drugs


Infographic detailing what's accepted and not accpected in the medication take-back program.
Improper disposal and diversion of unused drugs can lead to the contamination of water or opioid misuse by a friend or family member.