Student Support Network

About the Network

The Student Support Network (SSN) at Dartmouth College is a four-week training program held fall and spring terms through a collaboration between the Counseling Center and the Student Wellness Center. The training is designed to help participants develop and hone skills to help their friends in crisis or distress.

Through a combination of didactic and experiential learning opportunities, participants will acquire skills that will enable them to: identify warning signs of a friend who's struggling, understand the role of empathy when helping someone in crisis, connect friends to resources, and learn effective communication skills.

The main goal of the SSN is to expand and enrich campus support for Dartmouth students who are struggling. SSN is a part of the Dartmouth Cares Initiative which is focused on mental health awareness, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. Graduate and undergraduate students trained in SSN are part of the network of campus resources.

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To learn more about SSN, please contact Todd Gibbs, PhD at or Bryant Ford, PhD at 603-646-9442.