Uwill Teletherapy Services for Students

Uwill Teletherapy

Dartmouth students have free access to secure and confidential teletherapy services through Uwill, a student mental health provider.

This new service is meant to complement Dartmouth's existing mental health options. Access to Uwill is quick and easy. You can register on the Uwill site and book your first session with the licensed therapist of your choice.

  • Choose a therapist based on your personal preferences, including by gender, language, ethnicity, and/or the issue you wish to address.
  • Choose a time that fits your schedule, including evenings and weekends.
  • Choose your appointment type—video, phone, chat, or message.

Uwill is accessible to all students— undergraduate, graduate, and professional— who have an active Dartmouth email address. This includes students who are taking an off-term, a personal leave of absence, or a medical leave.

In addition to providing short- and long-term counseling, Uwill offers a 24/7 crisis line, called Uhelp. Call Uhelp at 833-646-1526 for 24/7 crisis support.

Registration Instructions

  1. Go to https://app.uwill.com/
  2. Click "I'd like to register." 
  3. Click "I am looking for services." 
  4. Follow the directions to create a profile. Be sure to use your Dartmouth email address to sign up.
  5. When you're finished creating a profile, an email will be sent to you verifying your account. 
  6. Login to search for a therapist. Therapists will be shown based on your location, their availability, and the preferences you identify. It may be helpful to keep in mind whether a therapist is able to practice in certain states (i.e., where you plan to stay during breaks / off terms) in addition to New Hampshire, so you can continue services with the same therapist during times when you are not at Dartmouth.
  7. After looking through the therapists and deciding who you'd like to see, schedule an appointment with that provider. The first appointment will be via video or phone and will default to 30 minutes.

To book a private study room in the library for a Uwill teletherapy appointment, click here.