How Can I Get a COVID Vaccine in New Hampshire or Vermont?

Covid Vaccine Resources

How do I receive a COVID vaccine or COVID Booster in the Dartmouth area?

COVID vaccines and boosters are available in multiple locations.  For current information about locally available vaccines, visit  and enter your zip code.  You may select for your preferred vaccine type and indicate whether you are seeking a first dose, second dose or booster shot.  COVID-19 vaccination is provided at these sites at no charge.  This site also provides information on where you can receive the newly authorized bivalent booster.

Dartmouth is hosting COVID-19 vaccine clinics on Oct. 17, Nov. 2, Nov. 8, and Nov. 18 at which students, faculty, and staff can get a bivalent booster vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna). Clinics will be held from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. (with breaks from 12 to 1 p.m. and from 5 to 6 p.m.) in Alumni Hall at the top of the Hopkins Center for the Arts. Schedule an appointment here: (walk-in appointments are not available) and visit for more info.

In addition to local pharmacies, the State of Vermont is offering clinics for vaccinations and booster doses.  For more information, visit  You can find more information about local clinics in New Hampshire at

Dartmouth College is also periodically partnering with the state of NH to offer vaccine opportunities for students and employees. 

At this time, Dartmouth requires students, faculty and staff to receive all recommended doses in their primary series of COVID-19 vaccine and one booster dose when eligible. If you receive a second booster, you may choose to submit your vaccination record to Dartmouth.  Students can submit their record to the Health Service web portal, and employees can submit their record using the vaccine tracker form

Eligibility and Choosing your Booster

Please consult the CDC's booster eligibility guidance for the most updated information on when you are eligible for a booster and which booster you should receive.  Students can also contact the Dartmouth College Health Service and faculty and staff can contact their primary care provider.

Exemptions from the Booster Requirement

For individuals seeking an exemption from the booster requirement, medical exemptions require a letter from the individual's primary care physician and religious exemptions require a letter written by the individual.  Employees seeking exemptions from the booster requirement should follow the instructions on othe Office of Insitutional Diversity and Equity's website, and students should send letters to

Remember to sign your Student Vaccination Consent/Release from on your health portal so that your vaccination status may be shared with the College.