Conference Registration

Paying for Registration

You can pay for conference registration in advance with a purchase card request form.

If you are required to provide payment on arrival, include this cost along with other expected costs when you request a cash advance for the trip. Use the cash advance request form.

The final option would be to seek reimbursement when you return from the conference. Use a business expense reimbursement request form.  Reimbursement can only be made after the conference has taken place.


Submit the travel credit card form to arrange to use a special department credit card to pre-pay for the hotel. Do not use a purchase credit card for this. You will need to make the arrangements while you are in our office because the travel card cannot be taken out of the office (Collis 301C).

Another option is to use a personal credit card to confirm the reservation, and then request a cash advance to actually pay for the hotel when you arrive:

  • Use the cash advance request form.
  • Deadline for purchases up to $500:1:00 pm, one business day ahead
  • Deadline for purchases over $500: two weeks ahead