Phase 1: Development & Design

Project Announcement

Winter 2015

  • President Hanlon announces creation of a 4-Year Sexual Violence Prevention & Education experience
  • Visit U.S. Naval Academy (read more about their 4-year experience)
  • Research prevention and violence prevention practices
  • Conduct an internal inventory of sexual violence programming at Dartmouth

Summer 2015

  • Construct logic model: Identify knowledge and attitudinal outcomes
  • Develop Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) framework
  • Prepare SVPP presentation and present to Senior-Level Administrators in Student Affairs
  • Develop and/or launch new projects, such as:
  • Train Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs) to facilitate FYRE: Diversity & Identity Part 1 
  • Train new staff facilitators for DBI

Fall 2015

  • Present SVPP framework to Senior-Level Administration and Board of Trustees
  • Develop and/or launch new projects:
    • DBI: GamePlan 3.0 - Online Harassment (assessed)
    • MAV: Healthy Relationships for First-Year Students
    • OPAL: Connections
    • DBI Greek Pre-Recruitment workshop (assessed) 
    • First Year Orientation programs:
      • DBI: FYRE discussion
      • DBI: Overview Talk
      • Cultivating a Respectful Community
    • FYRE: Diversity & Identity Part 1 - Body of Intersecting Identities
    • LiveSafe app
    • UGA Title IX Training
  • Begin developing Consent Website (instead of 'manual' - based on student feedback)
  • Meet with MDF External Review Panel to assess progress
  • Begin search for Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health Specialist (HRSHS)
  • College releases AAU survey results

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