Mindful Music and Art

Music for the Soul

A carefully curated, mindfulness-inspired playlist designed to help you slow down, find calm and be more present. 

Mindfulness Playlist


Coloring for Mindfulness

Being mindful is about paying attention to the present moment, putting aside our to-do lists and self-criticisms, and intentionally focusing on the here and now. The act of coloring - caefully and attentively filling the page with color - is particularly suited to mindful meditation.

Dartmouth Mindful Coloring Book

Make Your Own Digital Coloring Page

As you color or create detailed landscapes, icons, and images try to: 

• Settle in (mentally and physically)
• Notice the feel of the pencil in your hand
• Tune into the texture of the page as it touches the pencil
• Meditate on the beauty of the entire illustration
• Take note of how the parts come together to make up the whole
• Be attentive to how the page fills with color
• Let go of any judgement of your coloring skills.
• Appreciate your creative and exquisite self 

You can apply the same "noticing" practice to lots of moments throughout your day - brushing your teeth, enjoying a meal, going for a walk!

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