Kripalu Retreat

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have unfortunately needed to pause our trips to Kripalu, a renowned retreat center for yoga and health in Stockbridge, MA. Read below for ways the SWC hopes to help you rest and recharge during the pandemic.

Looking for a chance to recharge?

Throughout the pandemic, the SWC has been offering a variety of opportunities to "retreat" through various virtual yoga and mindfulness practices, both live and recorded, a 15 Day Mindfulness Challenge , virtual half-day retreat, and more. Sign up for our newsletter for the most up-to-date chances to recharge!

About the Kripalu R&R Spring Break Retreat

The Student Wellness Center works closely with the faculty at Kripalu to design Dartmouth-specific workshops focused on practices and tools to support your ongoing health and wellness while back on campus (and beyond!).

Students can also participate in a variety of additional active workshops, movement classes, outdoor activities, yoga, and knowledge-based classes to make the retreat their own. We provide the option to come together once daily with others from Dartmouth to reflect and share about our day. Also included are delicious, all-natural meals that are always a crowd favorite. See a Sample Schedule.


The Dartmouth four day, 3 night R&R retreat typically occurs over spring break (Tuesday-Friday) following the last scheduled day of finals. Contact the Student Wellness Center for the most up to date details.


If you are interested in applying for funding provided through the Student Wellness Center, please fill out this application and indicate your interest in a partial or full scholarship.