Mindful Coloring

Coloring for Minfulness

Being mindful is about paying attention to the present moment, putting aside our to-do lists and self-criticisms, and intentionally focusing on the here and now. The act of coloring - caefully and attentively filling the page with color - is particularly suited to mindful meditation.

Dartmouth Mindful Coloring Book

Make Your Own Digital Coloring Page

As you color or create detailed landscapes, icons, and images try to: 

• Settle in (mentally and physically)
• Notice the feel of the pencil in your hand
• Tune into the texture of the page as it touches the pencil
• Meditate on the beauty of the entire illustration
• Take note of how the parts come together to make up the whole
• Be attentive to how the page fills with color
• Let go of any judgement of your coloring skills.
• Appreciate your creative and exquisite self 

You can apply the same "noticing" practice to lots of moments throughout your day - brushing your teeth, enjoying a meal, going for a walk!

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