SVPP Sophomore Experience


The Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) Sophomore Experience has been designed and developed from prevention research and tailored to the Dartmouth community with the help of upper-level students. This year's curriculum is intended to build on the foundational knowledge and skills cultivated in the SVPP First-Year Experience

The components of the SVPP Sophomore Experience will allow students to apply knowledge and skills learned the prior year with their own lived experiences to the following concepts regarding each of the four SVPP outcomes:

  • Context;
  • Nuance and complexity;
  • Impact on others; and 
  • Skill building and practice.

Sophomore Components:

  1. Survey
    (Purpose: Collects data to begin to evaluate the effectiveness of the SVPP experience) 

    • Culture, Behavior, and Experiences (CBE) survey* (closed)
  2. Sophomore Sessions
    (Purpose: Provide skill-building and practice in each of the four SVPP outcomes)

    • Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI) for Sophomores (fall term) 
    • Relationships, Sex, and Alcohol (winter term) 
    • How to Support a Friend (spring term)
    • Power, Equity, and Belonging (summer term)
  3. Sophomore Summer Common Experience 
    (Purpose: Provides an opportunity to come together as a class to discuss, connect, reflect, and put learning into intentional and meaningful action)

Students will receive email communications throughout the year with information on completing their requirements. Due to COVID-19 all SVPP sessions will be provided online instead of in-person for the 2020-2021 academic year.

We all have a role to play

All undergraduate students are REQUIRED to complete their SVPP Student Experience each year. As a member of the Dartmouth community, every one of us has a role in creating a safe and supportive campus where sexual violence doesn't occur, and this four-year curriculum is intended to enhance students' skills to actively contribute to sexual violence prevention. The SVPP is asset-based and designed to cultivate and strengthen lifelong interpersonal leadership skills to be used both on campus and in the greater world. This curriculum is not intended to be punitive, however, in order to hold students accountable to their obligation, those who do not complete their annual SVPP Student Experience will be in violation of our Community Standards.

For more information visit our SVPP FAQ page.

* Evaluation is an integral part of the SVPP and will help us determine whether our prevention programs and interventions are effective and postively impacting our students.  We have intentionally built the CBE survey into students' annual SVPP Experience and have included pre and post surveys into SVPP sessions, but these evaluation/survey components of SVPP are not required. 

Requesting an extension or accommodation

If you are having difficulty completing your requirements for personal reasons and need additional time and/or an accommodation, please contact Amber Strock (SVPP Assistant) at to make arrangements. To request an accommodation or program waiver for a personal reason from a confidential resource, please contact Bailey Ray (WISE Campus Advocate) at or Daveen Litwin (College Chaplain) at