SVPP Sophomore Experience



(Collects data to begin to evaluate the effectiveness of the SVPP experience) 

  • Culture, Behavior, and Experiences (CBE) survey* 
    *Evaluation is an integral part of the SVPP and will help us determine whether our prevention programs and interventions are effective and postively impacting our students. We have intentionally built the CBE survey into students' annual SVPP Experience and have included pre and post surveys into SVPP sessions, but these evaluation/survey components of SVPP are not required.
  1. Bystander Intervention 2 (fall term)

  2. Positive Relationships & Sex 2 (winter term) 

  3. Resources and Support 2 (spring term)

  4. Power, Equity, and Belonging 2 (spring term) 

Please go to DartHub and choose Courses and Grades, then click the Sexual Violence Prevention Project tile (SVPP Portal) to view your "To Do" list, Upcoming Sessions that you may have been pre-registered for, or to register for new sessions.  

If you have a conflict that would prevent you from attending your assigned session, you may switch to an available session.  You will first need to click on your upcoming session, and cancel that before registering for a new session from your "To Do" list on your dashboard.  

If you're currently off-term or studying away, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in make-up sessions when you return.

For technical issues related to the SVPP Portal, please contact IT at

We all have a role to play

All undergraduate students are REQUIRED to complete their annual SVPP Experience. As a member of the Dartmouth community, every one of us has a role in creating a safe and supportive campus where we don't allow sexual violence to occur. This four-year curriculum is intended to enhance students' skills to actively contribute to sexual violence prevention and increase student wellbeing. The SVPP is asset-based and designed to cultivate and strengthen interpersonal leadership skills that are transferable to other health and wellness concerns (e.g. mental health, high-risk drinking and drug abuse, self-harm and suicide, eating disorders, etc.) and can be used both in and after college. This curriculum is not intended to be punitive. However, in order to hold students accountable to one another, those who do not complete their annual SVPP Experience will be in violation of our Community Standards and receive a conduct sanction. 

For more information visit our SVPP FAQ page.

Requesting an extension, modification, or waiver

If you need additional time to engage with a component or have concerns about participating in any SVPP component for personal reasons, please contact us at to make arrangements. If you need support or would like to request a waiver from a confidential resource, please contact a WISE Advocate at or the College Chaplain, Reverend Nancy Vogele, at