Membership Requirements for Greek Organizations and Student Societies


In order to be eligible to go through recruitment or joining process, a Dartmouth student must have completed at least three terms of classes, have sophomore status, and be of good academic standing, with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.

Per the Office of Greek Life Handbook and Greek Leadership Council Constitution, all potential new members seeking membership into a Greek organization and/or a student society (regardless at Dartmouth must complete the following programs prior to accepting their bid:

  1. Expectations of Membership
  2. Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI)
  3. Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) first-year requirements

The Expectations of Membership program will be updated in preparation for 24F recruitment.  This session is facilitated by the Office of Greek Life to provide clarity to prospective members about the benefits and potential risks to joining a fraternity, sorority or undergraduate society at Dartmouth College. This is an asynchronous experience that can be completed at your earliest convenience prior to joining a Greek organization or student society.

The Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI) is specifically designed for potential new members and focuses on building skills to realistically check in & step in to keep each other safe. As a result of COVID, we had to transition the in-person workshop which is co-facilitated with Greek leaders to an online format. This online version is self-guided, will take approximately 45-60 minutes, and features older members sharing their experiences of interventions that have worked for them This is an asynchronous experience that should be completed prior to joining a Greek organization. You can find more information regarding these requirements at this link.