Greek Leadership Council

The GLC exists to serve the needs and interests of the students affiliated with Greek letter organizations and any open societies recognized by the five Greek sub-councils: the Interfraternity Council, the Inter-Sorority Council, the Gender-Inclusive Greek Council, the Multicultural Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council — and directly with the presidents of all recognized Greek organizations on campus.

About the Greek Leadership Council

The GLC is dedicated to the following principles, which transcend the differences between the sub-councils and individual organizations:

  • The GLC identifies any large gaps in the culture of Dartmouth's Greek community and addresses them to maintain standards of civic, academic, personal, and community excellence.

  • The GLC strives to support Greek unity by encouraging co-sponsorship of events, overseeing Greek-wide policies and facilitating constructive working relationships between the governing sub-councils.

  • The GLC encourages and supports its constituents in their pursuit of academic success, leadership development, and flourishing in social environments. 

  • The GLC promotes individual and group responsibility and accountability to achieve these ends.

  • The GLC supports any and all initiatives and projects which serve the Dartmouth community and the Upper Valley by developing its infrastructure, benefiting its members, or positively changing its social climate.

  • The GLC seeks to see both its member organizations and the entire Greek community survive and thrive, and to proactively address or prevent situations which may endanger that success.

Constitution of the Greek Leadership Council 2020

Social Responsibility and First Year Students Policy

The policy was passed by the Greek Leadership Council (GLC) from the Interfraternity Council in Spring 2013. It means that first year students will only be allowed in Greek spaces during substance-free GLC-approved events.

From the first day of the return of Trip 'Section A' through noon on the Monday after Homecoming weekend, or the seventh Monday of the term, whichever is later, no Greek organization may allow First Year students to attend events at which alcohol is served. Furthermore, during this time, First Year students are only allowed in the physical plants of Greek organizations at GLC-approved events.

The goal of this policy is to promote and increase first year safety during the crucial first months of fall term while mitigating the related risks that Greek organizations assume when hosting first year students during this time

At Dartmouth, the Greek community is very open to all members of campus. However, we want to ensure that you can ease your way into college without the added stress of an unfamiliar social scene. With this policy, you will be able to meet many members of the Greek community and learn about the parts of our Greek organizations that extend beyond social life. In addition, these first few weeks of your first year will give you the time to truly bond with your class

Contact the Greek Leadership Council.

Apply for Funding

The GLC Funding Application Form should be completed by the event organizer at least two weeks prior to the event. The form is located on Orgsync under "FORMS" on your chapters portal. Additionally, the organizer must be prepared to submit itemized receipts no later than two weeks after the event. Receipts submitted after the end of term cannot be reimbursed.

Organizations may approach each governing council or the Greek Leadership Council to request co-sponsorship for events being planned by a Greek letter organization.

These types of events will be given priority:

  • Events that outwardly improve the image of the Greek community at Dartmouth College
  • Events that have an educational focus       
  • Events sponsored by multiple Greek organizations                  
  • Events beyond the funding capability of an individual organization

Please note — GLC funds may not be used for events with alcohol.