Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council at Dartmouth (IFC) serves to enrich the fraternity experience, advance and grow the fraternity community and enhance the educational mission of the College. The IFC is committed to enhancing the benefits of fraternity membership, which is in line with the North American Interfraternity Conference.

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Alpha Chi Alpha

  • Chapter website
  • Local, established in 1919 as Alpha Chi Rho
  • Total members: 90
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.76
  • Philanthropy and service: "Ranges from recurring events such as Haven Dinner, Students Fighting Hunger, Willing Hands, COVER Home Repair, and helping at the VINS bird sanctuary. We also have annual/termly events such as Sausage Fest which is a fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation where acapella groups perform and we sell sausages, snacks, and drinks."

Beta Alpha Omega

  • Chapter website
  • Local, established in 1858 as Sigma Delta Pi
  • Total members: 81
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.76
  • Philanthropy and service: "We volunteer at the Hanover Community Kitchen, Haven, CHaD Hero Run, Habitat for Humanity, and the Prouty. Some members are mentors in DREAM, OLE, and SIBS. During the pandemic, we organized members to send letters to residents at the Lebanon Center, a long-term care facility in Lebanon."

Bones Gate

  • Chapter website
  • Local, established in 1901 as Delta Tau Delta
  • Total members: 75
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.65
  • Philanthropy and service: "Bones Gate is dedicated to the sustainability and well-being of the surrounding community. Many of our members participate in "Dartmouth Feeding Neighbors", a student led organization that works to direct DDS food waste to the Haven."

Chi Gamma Epsilon

  • Local, established in 1905 as Kappa Sigma
  • Total members: 89
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.73
  • Philanthropy and service: "Chi Gamma Epsilon is involved with a number of philanthropic efforts. Some highlights include raising $2000 for the Prouty (cancer research) and raising $5000 for Movember (men's health). Additionally, we volunteer at the Hanover Community Kitchen."

Chi Heorot

  • Local, established in 1898 as Alpha Omega
  • Total members: 83
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.57
  • Philanthropy and service: "MOVID-19: "movember"-style COVID-19 fundraiser; Prouty: Rowing, golfing, biking are popular activities for our guys; involvement with CHAD."

Gamma Delta Chi

  • Chapter website
  • Local, established in 1908
  • Total members: 86
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.54
  • Philanthropy and service: "We host 2-3 fundraisers and every member is supposed to participate in a local philanthropy event like the special olympics."

Kappa Pi Kappa

  • Chapter website
  • Local, established in 1842
  • Total members: 53
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.55
  • Philanthropy and service: "Termly Collaboration with Hanover Community Kitchen; Yearly staff volunteers for Prouty; Grilled Cheese Sale for various charities"

Phi Delta Alpha

  • Local, established in 1884 as Phi Delta Theta
  • Total members: 73
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.71
  • Philanthropy and service: "Every summer term Phi Delt organizes all Greek House involvement in the Annual Prouty. We encourage greek houses to sign up for teams, raise money, participate in and volunteer for the Prouty and then distribute three prizes to houses that are the most involved. Each winter term we organize a Chili Cook-off Competition during Winter Carnival to raise funds for the Fisher House Foundation. Student organizations and local restaurants serve chili outside Collis to be judged by students, families, and President Hanlon and his wife. Phi Delt runs the Dartmouth Feeding Neighbors program where students collect all the leftover food from Foco early in the morning and distribute it to the Upper Valley Haven to help feed local residents in need."

Psi Upsilon

  • National website
  • National, established in 1841
  • Total members: 88
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.74
  • Philanthropy and service: "The brothers of Psi Upsilon support the Children's Hospital at DHMC through fundraising for and volunteering at their annual ChaD HERO road race; in 2019, we raised over $54,000 for the hospital and were the highest fundraising team. In addition, the brotherhood helps to spread awareness about mental health on campus through our partnership with Trusst, a remote therapy application, and through events like Psi PUpsilon. Psi U has also recently partnered with our neighbor, Saint Thomas Church, and will support their annual Jumble sale effort to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations like COVER and the Dismas House."

Sigma Nu

  • National website
  • National, established in 1901 as Pukwana
  • Total members: 92
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.71
  • Philanthropy and service: "GLC Pumpkin Patch and Halloween fundraiser; Volunteer with Hanover Community Kitchen/Upper Valley Haven; Volunteering in the Upper Valley to help rebuild/repair homes."

Sigma Phi Epsilon

  • Chapter Website:
  • National website:
  • National, established in 1909
  • Total members: 9 and counting
  • Chapter GPA: TBD
  • Philanthropy and service: We're a new chapter at Dartmouth and are excited to get involved in the Hanover and Upper Valley communities.

Theta Delta Chi

  • Chapter website
  • National website
  • National, established in 1869
  • Total members: 89
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.60
  • Philanthropy and service: "Every year, Theta Delta Chi supports the Prouty fundraiser for Norris Cotton Cancer Center. TDX encourages every brother to participate in the 100 mile bike race and raise $2,000. The class of 2021 raised over $32,000."

Zeta Psi

  • Chapter website
  • National website
  • National, established in 1853
  • Total members: 70
  • Chapter GPA (Winter 2021): 3.66
  • Philanthropy and service: "All active members are required to contribute 3 service hours. The most common activities are: Cover Home Repair, Fundraisers for Goodwill and Listen (through burger sales), and the Blood Drive."